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10 movie directors who guarantee the quality of the movies

Storytelling and imagery tailored by filmmakers through shots, story, and direction are the fruits of their hard work and creativity. We watch movies today that are either popular, made by popular directors, or both. To name and talk about a respected movie director itself is not enough. Their work gets celebrated and watched by film studies students planning to be a movie director in the future. These famous directors have changed how we see their work. No other director can create another ‘Apu Trilogy.’ No other director can visualize another ‘Psycho.’ Several film school students may skim through pages and technicalities. Still, it is the visualization and perception that makes these directors what they are. In recent times we can see a lot more directors cropping up from several countries. Let us look at the top 10 movie directors who make quality movies to glue your eyes to the screen.

1. Martin Scorsese

With the movie ‘Taxi Driver,’ Martin Scorsese had started garnering stardom. He was young when he got nominated for Best Picture and garner almost 90 Oscar nominations for his creations. He has won 20 out of these nominations; throughout his career, Scorsese was never afraid of being a daredevil and doing things his way. He has faced a lot of controversies and yet emerged a winner. With his mastery in his craft and his talent to creatively visualize movies, he made several interesting characters. Thus, Martin Scorsese is one of the most famous directors whose work can guarantee the movies’ quality.

2. James Cameron

If you thought of the names of movies like Avatar, Terminator, Titanic, you got it right. James Cameron directed these movies with his compelling visualization as well as imagery of scenes and characters. A list of famous filmmakers would include James Cameron’s name for being the most versatile movie director of all time. His works are timeless and have a subtle amateurish hint, yet, no one would believe that he was not a film student. He is an English and Physics degree holder from Fullerton college. He is undoubtedly one of the best directors of all time.

3. Steven Spielberg

A name most film students swear by for his deep understanding of audience catharsis and pathos. His movies are classics that have made a deep impact on the hearts of people. Any movie to match up the level of his famous creation ‘Schindler’s List’ is to be reminded that Spielberg got his film degree not until after E.T. was released in 1982. People who are not fond of movies can also name a few movies by Spielberg, for all the names they can recall are movies made by him. This movie director has been responsible for bringing a change in Hollywood and making modern movies.

4. Stanley Kubrick

If anyone wants to learn to be a free spirit, it should be after they watch Kubrick’s movies. He has encompassed most genres- Psychological thriller, war, historical, dystopian, Sci-Fi, Drama, etc. The list is endless. You can find a common theme prevailing, a constant battle of the psyche in work by this movie director. With an I.Q. of 200, Kubrick made impossible moments possible through scenes in movies like ‘2001: A Space Odyssey.’ His works were so technically advanced that he could make slit-scan photography and front screen projection in the movie. He is undoubtedly one of the best directors.

5. Christopher Nolan

Another name that is revered by not only film students but viewers who diligently watch his works. Nolan has made movies worth over a whopping $4.7 billion worldwide. Movie buff or not, anyone can guarantee you the quality of the movies made by Nolan. He is the best movie director who has received 34 nominations in the Oscars and never attended the film school! As one of the famous directors, Nolan loves to play around with time, atmosphere, and themes surrounding these elements.

6. Bong Joon Ho

It is a mistake to not include this South Korean legend in the list of famous filmmakers. His filmmaking style is unique yet relatable. His most celebrated and award-winning work, ‘Parasite,’ had touched hearts, showing the reality of a family living under bad conditions. He is, no doubt, one of the best directors of all time.

7. Buster Keaton

This Modern film director made the pathway for modern films. His performing arts and theater background gave him the extra vision to understand comedy at an early age. He was responsible for the rise of rivalry between him and Charlie Chaplin back in the 1920s. He made the first full feature motion pictures before the Academy’s creation back in 1929 and started the film concept. His works like ‘One Week’ is celebrated and rightfully got him an Oscar honoring his works in 1960. It is wrong to put Buster Keaton in the list of best filmmakers as he is the cinema’s grandfather.

8. Quentin Tarantino

The name is enough to put an image across your vision. A list full of famous filmmakers has to have his name for his undeniable contribution. His movie has themes of action and just action. His works are celebrated by directors who want to execute a shootout scene perfectly.

9. David Lynch

This man is an abstract movie and storytelling artist through frames that eerie filmmakers have embedded in their brains. ‘Blue Velvet’ and ‘The Elephant Man’ are the movies that left us broken and hopeful about the life that he so perfectly puts out in his movies. Highly recommend and guarantee the quality of movies made by Lynch will leave you thinking.

10. Great Gerwig

The movies ‘Lady Bird’ and ‘Little Women (2019)’ are the only two feature films she has made, yet you may wonder why she made it to the list of best directors of all time. It is because she won awards for both the movies under several categories.

Thus, hoping that you watch all the movies made by these exceptionally talented visualizers and creators of exceptional movies keeps you thinking and glued to the screen—many other best directors who are exceptionally good.


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