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5 Overhyped Movies That Didn’t Make It to Theatres

Although not that prevalent, there have been times when a certain movie is hyped, but these are movies that didn’t make it to the theatres.

The movies may have completed their productions, interviews released, trailers have been out, but sometimes these movies remain unreleased. What happens to these projects that they get halted at a certain stage and turn out as movies never released is because of many reasons, be it political, social, or cultural.

It leads to utter disappointment to a wide range of audiences who may have invested in such unreleased movies, either financially or emotionally.

There are many peoples’ jobs involved in this industry of filmmaking, but when a situation arises where a completed movie does not get released, it leads to a huge loss of finances.

Somehow these movies disappear from their respective studio schedules, leaving an unavoidable void. Even a group of audiences try to access pirated versions of movies that didn’t make it to the theatres.

List of overhyped movies that didn’t make it to theatres

After countless interviews, press releases, and post-production processes, these movies failed to get released.

Dark History

It was a movie that caused a lot of embarrassment to its producers and the whole crew of the movie production because the movie’s release was all over the media and fell among one of the high-risk overhyped movies. It was an attempt at making a cross-over movie by the coveted Universal Studios. Being involved with such a reputed firm, it remained as one of the many unreleased movies. They had even made up a logo separately to endorse the coming in of this new era of movie, with stars like Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp. Albeit, a massive launch party, was being held, and Universal studio went all public with it. However, this franchise never came into being despite having a stellar cast, and the audience did not get what they were willing to watch and invest in.

Divergent: Ascendant

Divergent is a trilogy novel series authored by Veronica Roth and brought in quite acclaim to the author and the stories. Naturally, it was being adopted for the creation of a cinematic universe out of it. There have already been movies of the first two parts, but when it came to this last one, somehow, the script fell apart. The fans had been waiting for the last movie of this trilogy; however, they were vastly disappointed as this could have been the best movie never made from the Divergent series. Ultimately, the reception and the reviews started declining, and the production started crumbling, and the whole project turned to dust as the director resigned from the position. It could have given the Divergent fans closure, but they had to go without it as it belonged to many unreleased movies.

Terminator Genisys 2

The Terminator movies have been liked by people over various generations and have long transcended any regional barriers. Thrilling graphics and jampacked action drama received fans from all over the world. Produced by Paramount movies, this was supposed to be the start of another trilogy sequel, but given the short reception to the trailer and the deviation from the original storyline proved to be degrading for them, even though it had Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role, this movie failed at its purpose and was removed from its release schedule. It is one of the overhyped movies that didn’t make it to theatres.

Fantastic Four 2

It again is a movie franchise that has been born out of the Marvel Comic universe. It was supposed to be a sequel to the existing movie and was hyped popularly. It has a stellar cast of Chris Evans and many more. However, the producers fell into hard times from a financial point of view, and this was handed over to other production houses. What entailed was that this was the best movie never made. Although it was one of the overhyped movies, where announcements were made, interviews were held, talk shows presented, the production broke apart. This movie never came into being. It was sad for the fans who eagerly waited for this, but this is never released.

Instead, Iron Man, Spiderman, and Thor movies got mainstream. He started gaining popularity, and more attention was paid to bringing these superheroes to life, and Fantastic four’s craze died down. These worked out for Marvel and Fox studios, who started concentrating more on the new superheroes.


Who does not like an Indiana Jones movie? Being a child or an adult, watching a movie like this, while relishing on nice ice cream and watching the characters come alive, is such a pleasure.

It again is one of the unreleased movies that wanted to feature a handsome young archaeologist Nathan Dray who searches for in-depth meaning for life or an adventure of excavating old monuments typical of a movie of such genre.

The movie had picturesque backdrops and showed off many difficult terrains. It almost seemed good enough to be featured on the silver screen, except that this completed movie was never released.

This movie went through mishaps and obstacles as director after the director left the project. Thus, this movie was uncharted and removed from the release schedule and tossed into the list of movies never released.

However, the video game built on the premise of this movie did gain recognition amongst the video game enthusiasts of this genre of video games.

Why don’t these movies get released?

Hollywood industry is known for the kind of unreal hype that they do to make sure that the movie gets enough recognition before it is released. It is a part of their marketing strategy and a creative aesthetic that needs to be created among the target audience.

Even after so much of the work that has been put into it, and all the money that has been invested, so many remain as unreleased movies.

These may be high budget projects, but sometimes the finances dwindle, or the production crew falls apart. Even the public reception may not be favorable as per the cultural settings. Insensitivity towards the viewership can be another issue. These are some of the factors that make these movies unable to reach out to their audience. Some of them could have been the best movie never made. But we as a consumer of this media will never get the movie we were promised.

It will be disheartening for people who have waited for a sequel or the ending of a trilogy. Still, if production falls apart at some stage, these movies that didn’t make it to the theatres remain a mystery, more so because they have been overhyped movies.

If the stars are not aligned, no matter how much hype is created or the endorsing done, it just won’t sit right. It will not appeal to the fans if the script is sketchy, or the graphics are not right, because at the end of the day, what sells is being led by what the consumer of these movies wants.

Thus, here ends the fate of unreleased movies.


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