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Ten science fiction Movies Accurately predicted Future and Technology

Science fiction movies are the little voyages to distant imagination. The best sci-fi movies take its audience to another world where science and technology meet together. These two works together to make the science fiction movie more real and astonishing at the same time. The audience of sci-fi movies can take the ride to a strange world for seeking different answers to their questions.

Today, directors are making science fiction movies to depict the future accurately with its good narration. All the best Sci-fi movies are made to make the audience know about future machines, augmented reality, and much more. Science fiction movies have come to a long road from its inception time. Now, these movies are made with more engagement of artificial intelligence and other graphics work.

It is said that facts can be stranger than fiction, but they don’t know those science fiction movies are stranger and more breathtaking.

Ten science fiction movies that accurately predicts the future and technology

The movie industry has developed many best sci-fi movies that have a glimpse of the future world.  The below section gives the account of the best science fiction movies considered the perfect prediction of the future world and technology.

  1. Blade runner

The first in the list of best sci fi movies is the 2019 thriller blade runner. It is all set in some 35 years back where it takes the audience to some unknown place.  The film creates a bold and concrete vision of the dystopian future world.   Blade runner has illustrated hyper technologies with much ease. The story sets in 2049, where the world is suffering from the over-populated megacity, irreversible pollution conditions, and dominance of the corporate world.

These science fiction movie predictions are accurate and resemble our current situation in the world. The director Ridley Scott has developed this movie with full consciousness and great sincerity to give all audiences a bold picture of the future world.

  1. Interstellar

This science fiction movie is considered one of the best science fiction movies that predicted the earth’s future with a bold picture.  The direction and production were in the hands of Christopher Nolan.  This movie sets in the dystopian future of the earth, where humans are struggling to survive. The film depicts a group of astronauts who travel through a wormhole near the planet Saturn for finding a new home for humans on earth.

The science of wormholes and black holes were taken into consideration while making this movie.

  1. Space odyssey

This movie is one of the masterpiece old science fiction movies that have predicted the future and technology with good accuracy. Space odyssey gave its audience a future and technology prediction at its best. The movie portrayed many advancements of technology, including artificial intelligence, voice recognition, and many more. The director Stanley Kubrick has created this movie with great sincerity. It tracks the space voyage, which gets threatened by the malfunction of supercomputers of the spaceship.

The movie showed that artificial intelligence is way better than the usual technological advancements.

  1. Avengers endgame

This movie is one of the best sci fi movies Hollywood has ever developed. The movie portrays the aftermath of its first part- avengers: infinity war (2018). With the help of left allies, the Avengers came together to accomplish revenge against Thanos. The artificial intelligence and superpowers’ depiction in the movie has made it very reasonable for future prediction.

The science and technology used in the film are very effective and also have good graphics to drive audience attraction.

  1. Back to the future

This is one of the best sci fi movies made for accurate future and technology prediction. Back to the future astonished its audience with its futuristic view of 2015. The movie was released in 1985 that gave good insights into 2015 in the movie.

The movie is considered one of the best old science fiction movies that predicted 2015 very well. The movie shows how the hill valley residents jumped in their flying cars to access the skyway.

  1. Darkman

The movie is a good science fiction movie that is set in 1990. It is a story of a superhero who heads ahead of time.  The director Sam Raimi has created the movie in good science fiction aura.  The movie chronicles the life of a brilliant scientist who is all set to avenge his murder by crime bosses. They left the scientist to die after burning him badly.

The scientist devises the science-related methods to take revenge from them.  The use of medical technology is well shown in the movie. The movie gives the future and technology predictions in a good way.

  1. The Martian

Have you wondered what the environment of mars would be? You may don’t know about it. But these science fiction movies will tell you all about it. The movie portrays the survival tactics of a left astronaut alone in mars.

The story of the film sets in 2035 where NASA has sent astronauts for sample collection on mars. These science movie predictions tell us that space projects can happen in the future due to technological advancements.

  1. The prestige

This science fiction movie depicts advanced technologies with a crisp storyline. The movie sets in after a tragic accident of two magicians. After that, they planned to engage in battles to create the new illusions in the grounds. The director has set the film into reality by its thrill.

The movie depicts all future and technology predictions very effortlessly.

  1. Elysium

The movie takes you to 2154 in the dystopian era. It creates a dystopian vision of a future loaded with all technological weapons.  Elysium is one of the best sci fi movies that predicted the future very accurately. The movie exaggeratedly depicts all future advancements.

After the apocalyptic event, everything got destructed, and due to this, max take on the task of trying to resolve two opposing world people.

  1. Minority report

The famous tom cruise is seen in this science fiction movie in the lead role.  Minority report sets in the year 2054, which portrays the technology of tomorrow. This is one of the good science fiction movies that have accurately predicted the future and technology.


The science fiction movies are the strangest movies that take its viewers on the voyage of science. The mentioned movies are the best sci fi movies with future and technology predictions at its best accuracy. All science fiction movie predictions are accurate and have all resemblances to the future world.

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