The Future of Work: Tech Skills You Need To Become A QA Engineer

As emerging technologies are changing the working environment, companies have started to hire more tech talent. As a result, the demand for experienced employees that use data to create solutions has increased. In the same way, companies have been able to increase their profits by using more sophisticated solutions.

Tech professionals like data scientists, software engineers and web developers are playing a key role these days because they build the programs that allow companies not only to enhance their processes but also to improve their products.

On the other hand, during the development process, tech talent needs to run tests to make their applications error-free. Also, debugging tasks have to be carried out to ensure the programs meet specific standards. 

The testing and debugging stage can be time-consuming and frustrating. For that reason, companies are hiring quality assurance engineers to accomplish these kinds of tasks. In fact, they are responsible for checking and testing other developers’ code to ensure it meets the required standards.

Generally speaking, QA engineers will be able to be part of the world’s next workforce because, as time passes, more programs are being developed. With this in mind, here are some tech skills every aspirant needs to become a QA engineer.


Python is a flexible programming language that’s very popular among tech talent. Professional employees like data scientists and data analysts use Python to build programs that can analyze, interpret and visualize gathered information.

In the same way, Python has been implemented in web development to create server-side applications. It’s no surprise that QA engineers must learn Python. In fact, programming languages like Python allow QA engineers to create more efficient testing solutions. Given that, QA engineers will provide higher quality code that will meet companies’ demands.

Galvanize offers courses in data science and web development. Aspirants can enroll in Galvanize’s Python Fundamentals course to learn how to code using Python. Galvanize Python’s program is the right fit for those who have busy schedules. 

Aspirants can become skilled Python developers in only six weeks. Galvanize’s Python Fundamentals course is available online, so you can learn from home. Galvanize’s courses are designed to provide students with an immersive experience so that they can succeed in any professional environment.

Also, Galvanize offers financing options like upfront payment discounts for those whose money can be a hurdle. In other words, enrolling in Galvanize courses allow you to become a QA engineer with outstanding Python skills.   


HTML is a programming language that’s essential for web development. WordPress Developers and traditional web developers use HTML to build incredible websites. They can add awesome features to make sites more interactive and provide a better experience. In the same way, HTML allows web developers to design more visually appealing websites that capture customers’ attention.

QA engineers also analyze web applications’ code. For that reason, learning HTML skills is fundamental. Learning HTML will not only allow QA engineers to understand how a website works but also implement better solutions. As a result, top quality code will be delivered to customers.

General Assembly is a company that offers exceptional courses in web development. Aspirants can enroll and learn enterprise-level HTML skills. Its Front End Web Development course is designed to teach students in-demand programming languages like HTML and CSS. 

In only ten weeks, students build a skillset with powerful applications in several fields. QA engineers will be able to test and debug any website efficiently. The Front End Web Development course is available in-person as well as online;  you can choose the program that best fits your needs.  


Java is used to build mobile apps as well as web applications. It is a popular programming language these days. Java enables tech professionals to build scientific applications that allow companies to create useful insights.

Java is safe and very easy to maintain. For that reason, it’s loved by tech professionals. QA engineers should learn Java because of the high volume of java applications.

Having Java in your skillset will help you meet employers’ expectations. Whether you’ll use it to develop applications or to understand its syntax and patterns, Java is a must-have skill these days. Given that, aspirants who are willing to learn Java can enroll in Kenzie Academy’s coding bootcamp. 

Kenzie Academy offers a software engineering course that’s designed to make students skilled coders. As a result, they are able to learn core computer science concepts as well as critical thinking skills.

At Kenzie Academy, students learn not only Java programming skills but also other in-demand programming languages like JavaScript, React and Django. 

Machine Learning

Machine learning has been implemented by many companies to improve their products and services because it can be used to gather valuable information and provide a more personalized experience. However, it’s not only improving companies’ products but also how developers code.

AI and machine learning algorithms have been used in programming to make repetitive tasks less time-consuming. If you want to become a QA engineer, you should learn machine learning.

Machine learning helps QA engineers make more efficient tests that take less time. In other words, it reduces companies’ costs and yields better results. Springboard offers a high-quality Machine Learning Engineering course that allows you to learn machine learning skills.

In 26 weeks, you will become proficient in machine learning and deep learning. Also, you will receive help from mentors. By the end of the program, you’ll be able to build and deploy large scale AI-powered systems.


As you can see, aspirants need to learn several tech skills to become QA Engineers. However, this list will help you to not only start your career as a QA engineer but also to excel. You will have better job opportunities and will be able to partake in the future of work. Today’s companies need QA engineers to meet customers’ expectations, and demand for these professionals is increasing every day.

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