Top 10 Movie References in Video Games

Top 10 Movie References in Video Games

Video games have become a new virtual reality for online players. The game developers never miss a chance to hide a delicious easter egg in some background parts. Even players love finding those exciting references connected to famous movie clips. A lot of games are inspired by movies that remain hit on the screen.

Apart from films, books, magazines, and pop culture are also paving the way to get featured on the gaming platform. Developers specially design some levels that include props or scenes in a better way.

No doubt, some references get merged with the surroundings so well that nobody cares to look. Sometimes, players can relate them with popular movie references and ignore them. Here are the Top 10 Movie References in Video Games that hype up the excitement level.

Independence Day (1996) in Star Fox 64

In the film’s climax, fighter planes have to take down a galactic space shuttle that can destroy cities. If we talk about the movie reference in the game, the motive is to destroy the mother ship containing a powerful weapon. Even the scene of victorious pilots flying away is an easter egg in the game. On top of it, the game introduces you to a character named Bill Gray, almost the same name as General William Gray portrayed in the file.

Evil Dead 2 (1987) in Call of Duty Ghosts

As the journey of movie references in games begin, ‘Call of Duty Ghosts’ players might have observed something scary when playing the map “Fog.” As the character enters a shed, a bare skull in vice can be seen. The same scene was shown in the movie itself. Moreover, an outline of the chainsaw drawn with white chalk in the cupboard resembles the scene shown in Evil Dead 2.

Friday The 13th (2009) in Dead Island

Roaming in the dense jungle, players can find a hidden man Jason who is protecting a shack. He will approach to attack when the character moves towards him. This refers to the main villain Jason Voorhees from the movie itself. Moreover, the movie reference in the game is proved by the fact that he is holding a machete. He wears a hockey face mask and always tries to kill anyone getting closer.

Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) in Fall Out New Vegas

More or less, the movie reference in this game can be seen from an old and damaged refrigerator. This easter egg in the video game can be related to Indy’s scene inside a fridge to protect himself from the atomic explosion. The dusted fridge even has a skeletal that can be of the protagonist of the movie. The refrigerator was also a part of the movie as it contains the iconic Indy hat and other gold ornaments.

Wall-E (2008) in Metro 2033

Nobody can ever forget this movie featuring a tiny robot saving the planet with a friend. While playing the game, players can look out for a boot at Level 06. As per the movie reference, a small plant is growing inside the boot in the missile control room. This signals towards the time when Wall-E collects the tiny stem in a rain boot.

Evil Dead 2 (1987) in Outlast

This becomes the second time when Evil Dead movie reference is in a game. After finding father Martin in the courtyard, turn left and enter a small shed. Look at the top shelf, and a chalk outline can be seen in the shape of a chainsaw. A similar easter egg is present in the movie itself when the main character tries to find it.

Thelma And Louise (1991) in Grand Theft Auto V

When the in-game clock strikes 7 pm, the movie’s ending scene will be recreated on the top of a mountain. Several police cars gathered behind a convertible, which is a popular reference to the movie itself. As one man approaches the car, it drives off the cliff, where it explodes into a ball of fire in the canyon below. Make sure that the game character is standing at a distance for the event to occur successfully.

Up (2009) in Battlefield 1

The developers wanted to add a movie reference in the game that could depict something related to the French army after successfully shooting three wine bottles and a weather vanes on the top of a house. A house floating in the air with three balloons- Red, White & Blue will appear in the scene. This is a popular reference from the movie Up, where a similar house gets flying in the air with balloons.

Harry Potter (2001-2011) in Dying Light: The Following

As per the game, to reach the harry potter cupboard, players must play the “Countryside” map. While moving in the south direction, a gray building can be seen with stairs leading up to the front door. After entering the house, take the first room to the left before the staircase. The easter eggs like Harry Potter’s glasses, a wizard’s hat, and a book will be lying on the bed. As the character leaves the room, a ghost will appear in front of the screen.

The Shining (1980) in Blood 2: The Chosen

In Level C2L2, as the player reaches the beginning of a long corridor, the twin sisters can be seen standing at the other end. The same scene is taken from the movie when both of the girls are standing like a ghost. The players will not be seeing them once they come closer and the picture vanishes.


There are thousands of similar movie references in each game, and it is not practically possible to cover all of them. This shows how the game developers try to teach some famous scenes in their game. This not only makes the story interesting, but players can also easily relate to it.


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